Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

(Book Review) Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

When Chelsea Chambers inherits The Higher Grounds Cafe after her mother’s death, she works to make a new life for herself apart from her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

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Manual to Manhood

(Book Review) The Manual to Manhood

The Manual To Manhood is an extensive “How To” book, using step-by-step instruction on everyday need-to-know tasks that are crucial for men.

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(Book Review) Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World

Mrs. Weiseth really wants to have a coffee date with you. In her new book, Speak, she illustrates the power of storytelling. We all have a story to tell, and we do not realize how much power it conceals.

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Farewell, Four Waters

(Book Review) Farewell, Four Waters

Based on a true story, Farewell, Four Waters by Kate McCord (pseudonym) recaps the main character, Marie’s, last fourteen days of her mission work in Afghanistan.

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Wasted Prayer

(Book Review) Wasted Prayer

Many people pray about what God has asked them to do. Darley encourages the reader to make prayer a starting point but then to start taking action to put feet to their prayers.

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Until I Found You

(Book Review) Until I Found You

When Leona has a stroke, her granddaughter Kate moves in with her– temporarily; but things become complicated after new-Christian Nick, a local, saves Kate’s life.

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At Peace in the Storm

(Book Review) At Peace in the Storm

Despite walking a road frequently traveled in Christian literature, Ken Gire evinces a warmth and sincere compassion. In each chapter he analyzes one source through which God communicates His peace to His children during storms of life.

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