Bridge to Haven

(Book Review) Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

It’s been a long time since 1950s Hollywood starlet Lena Scott felt like she fit in anywhere. Abandoned by her birth mother as a newborn, then by her adoptive family…

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Puppies of the Spirit

(Book Review) Pups of the Spirit by Jill Gorey and Nancy Haller

Kids will be thrilled by puppies who demonstrate in rhyme and playful illustrations the fruit of the Spirit that God has reserved for His people.

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My Amish Boyfriend

(Book Review) My Amish Boyfriend By Melody Carlson

Shannon McNamara has some pretty exciting plans for the summer: getting her license and a job and even a butterfly tattoo. But her mother is very ill and on the last day of school, Shannon’s interfering but well-meaning apartment neighbor drops a bomb.

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Hope Runs

(Book Review) Hope Runs

The book is about the author, Claire, who travels the world over with a friend. On one of their many trips, they head to Kenya where they meet Sammy, as he is called, and stay to minister to the children by establishing a running club at the orphanage where Sammy lives. He is co-author of the book by virtue of his journal writing which complements the journal writing style of Claire.

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(Book Review) Pilgrimage by Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin is an author known for her biblical and historical fiction. In this non-fiction book she recounts her journey on a tour of the Holy Land, which occurred at a time she was feeling spiritual dryness. Starting in the south of Israel, the trip takes us from the dryness of the desert to the forested and well-watered north, with descriptions of the scenery, cities, and other sites she visited. Along with each location’s description are Lynn’s reflections on what lessons she’s learning from the experience, and how it is nourishing her soul.

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Finding Normal

(DVD Review) Finding Normal

Dr. Lisa Leland is use to a fast-paced life as a general surgeon in Los Angeles, and looking forward to getting married and slowing down by being a doctor on call for the rich in the Hamptons. On her way to visit her fiancé, Lisa gets pulled over in the town of Normal, Louisiana, and, unable to pay her speeding ticket, is sentenced to three days of community service as a doctor to the townspeople. Three days in the small town, meeting new people and experiencing a different way of life, cause Lisa to re-examine her views of life, work, faith, and love.

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