Bridge to Haven

(Book Review) Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

It’s been a long time since 1950s Hollywood starlet Lena Scott felt like she fit in anywhere. Abandoned by her birth mother as a newborn, then by her adoptive family…

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Puppies of the Spirit

(Book Review) Pups of the Spirit by Jill Gorey and Nancy Haller

Kids will be thrilled by puppies who demonstrate in rhyme and playful illustrations the fruit of the Spirit that God has reserved for His people.

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My Amish Boyfriend

(Book Review) My Amish Boyfriend By Melody Carlson

Shannon McNamara has some pretty exciting plans for the summer: getting her license and a job and even a butterfly tattoo. But her mother is very ill and on the last day of school, Shannon’s interfering but well-meaning apartment neighbor drops a bomb.

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Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full

(Book Review) Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full

“Gospel meditations for busy moms” is the description noted on the front cover of this book. Not only is this book filled with scripture to guide and instruct the reader regarding God’s plan for their life, but inspiration to come back for more is found on each page.

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Sneezing Christmas Tree

(Book Review) The Sneezing Christmas Tree

This story is about two children that learn about finding God’s purpose for their life through the love of a Christmas tree. Just like pine trees are meant to be Christmas trees and look forward to fulfilling that purpose, God has given people a purpose too.

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Blind Descent

(Book Review) Blind Descent

Brian Dickinson loved to climb mountains, and when he decided to tackle Mt. Everest, he knew it would challenge him. But as often happens, the challenges came in ways he wouldn’t have expected.

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Never Ever Give Up

(Book Review) Never Ever Give Up

Erik Rees tells the story of his daughter’s ten month battle with cancer and her loving spirit toward others during this ordeal. Jessie wants to help other kids with cancer and comes up with the idea of JoyJars, packages with toys, games and love to be given out in hospital wards.

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