Manual to Manhood

(Book Review) The Manual to Manhood

The Manual To Manhood is an extensive “How To” book, using step-by-step instruction on everyday need-to-know tasks that are crucial for men.

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(Book Review) Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World

Mrs. Weiseth really wants to have a coffee date with you. In her new book, Speak, she illustrates the power of storytelling. We all have a story to tell, and we do not realize how much power it conceals.

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2014 Conference Promo

ECLA Conference 2014 Recap

The 2014 ECLA annual conference was a wonderful success! 105 people attended from 8 states. College Church in Wheaton is a beautiful church and it was truly a blessing for them to host our event this year. We held a two day conference that started out with workshops on selecting new books, weeding out the […]

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Amish Bride

(Book Review) The Amish Bride

Mennonite-reared Ella Bayer travels to Indiana on a mission to decipher a code in an old family journal.

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Trivial Pursuits

(Book Review) Trivial Pursuits

Diorio uses his unique journey from being a Los Angeles disc jockey to a Christian apologist as the basis for his connection to media, money, and the pursuit of happiness.

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What Follows After

(Book Review) What Follows After

The first sentence is “The young look forward, the old look back.” The author has looked back to 1962 and captured the culture and two events that happened that year.

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(Book Review) The Sherlockian

In 1900, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has just killed off Sherlock Holmes in the short story “The Final Problem,” and the Great Detective’s many fans are outraged. After the arrival of a letter bomb in his mailbox, Conan Doyle goes to Scotland Yard for help and finds himself, along with his good friend Bram Stoker, embroiled in the murders of three young suffragists. Is it the work of a serial killer, and what is the connection to the attempts on his own life?

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