Finding Your Name

(Book Review) Finding Your Name

Jane Rubietta gives a fresh perspective on the Old Testament story of Isaac and Jacob through a three month devotional journey.

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Addicted to Busy

(Book Review) Addicted to Busy

As a reader who normally reads far less nonfiction than fiction, skepticism was at the forefront of my mind as I picked up Brady Boyd’s Addicted to Busy.

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(Book Review) Flash

What a delightful book! Who would have known a homeless donkey could be such an inspiration and become such an important part of a family. From the day that Flash joined them, he changed hearts in the Ridge family.

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Dare U 2 Open This Book

(Book Review) Dare U 2 Open This Book

Dare U 2 Open This Book is a small devotional/activity book for younger readers.

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Left Behind 2014

(Movie Review) Left Behind (2014)

Starring Nicholas Cage and Chad Michael Murray, this movie is a barebones adaptation of the bestselling first book in the Jenkins/LaHaye Left Behind series.

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Left Behind 2000

(Movie Review) Left Behind: The Movie (2000)

This movie is based on the bestselling book series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and stars Kirk Cameron and Brad Johnson. It chronicles the lives of several characters as they are left behind after the Rapture.

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The Way of Grace

(Book Review) The Way of Grace

Anglican priest Glandion Carney is currently battling Parkinson’s disease. Throughout this book he guides his readers through the different struggles he has faced, and he provides insight to solutions at the end of each chapter.

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