Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful

(Book Review) Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful

Have you ever wondered why God created you with such weird, even annoying, quirks? In this book Laurie Wallin explores why God created quirks.

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Let's All Be Brave

(Book Review) Let’s All Be Brave

This is another day, O Lord. I know not what it will bring forth, but make me ready, Lord, for whatever it may be.

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Mother of Pearl

(Book Review) Mother of Pearl

The book is a gripping novel, capturing the reader’s attention almost immediately, as we enter the world of high school guidance counselor, Barrie Graeber. The novel opens by introducing the reader to the challenges of counseling teens trying to navigate today’s waters of life.

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Not Who I Imagined

(Book Review) Not Who I Imagined

This book chronicles Margot Starbuck’s journey to discover God’s acceptance and love. Her anecdotes and observations about choosing to “live mask-free” and “in our belovedness” are not only witty and engaging, they also are honest and full of confession.

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My Kiss Won't Miss

(Book Review) My Kiss Won’t Miss

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, longtime book discussion leader, retired librarian Church: Community Christian Church, Yorkville, IL Introduction Title: My Kiss Won’t Miss Author: Lesley Dahlseng Publisher: Whetword Press LLC Publication Date: November 2014 Format: Print Book Length: 32 pages OVERVIEW Author Dahlseng’s message is that there is no hiding place from a mother’s goodnight kiss. Even if a child […]

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Snap Decision

(Book Review) Snap Decision

Whitaker brings the reader to the state of Florida, and into the fictional location of Archie F. Carr School. We follow an eighth grader named Chase Clark and his adventure with his school’s football team.

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Though None Go with Me

(Video Review) Though None Go With Me

A young woman wants to move to California to pursue music with her boyfriend. She stops by her grandmother’s house to pick up some money for the trip, but her grandmother insists on telling her childhood love stories.

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