A Journey of Hope

(Book Review) A Journey of Hope

After experiencing tremendous loss, Jodi Stuber came across articles about the potential that healing horses can bring. Remembering her personal experience of healing through horses, the answer was clear and HopeWell Ranch was born.

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Salt Covenants

(Book Review) The Salt Covenants

A welcome change from prairie or Amish fiction, this historical fiction takes place during and after the time of Columbus’ discovery of the West Indies in 1492.

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Embrace Life Under the Sun

(Book Review) Embrace Life Under the Sun

If somebody asked you to explain your philosophy of life, what would you say? If you find that a hard question to answer, you’re not alone.

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Methuselah Project

(Book Review) The Methuselah Project

What do you get when you cross Captain America with alternate history and secret Nazi science? Rick Barry’sThe Methuselah Project.

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Biggest Story

(Book Renew) The Biggest Story

Told in an entertaining style and accompanied by whimsical illustrations, this book covers the Bible by linking many well-known stories into one concise metanarrative about God’s promise to redeem humanity through Christ Jesus.

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Set Apart Woman-

(Book Review) The Set-Apart Woman

The Set-Apart Woman is an interesting look into how God calls His daughters to be set apart from the general populace and provides motivating chances for both group study and personal reflection at the close of each chapter

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(Book Review) Awe

Although this book proposes many interesting concepts, the author does not follow through in explaining them in adequate detail. Tripp uses many examples about how we experience awe in everyday life, but he fails to give the basic definition of what area of awe he is describing.

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