First Principle

(Book Review) The First Principle

This dystopian futuristic young adult novel challenges the mind and soul of readers. In the future United Regions of North America, Vivica Wilkins appears to be a normal sixteen-year-old girl despite being the daughter of a governor.

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Song of Blessing Series

(Book Review) To Everything a Season/A Harvest of Hope

In the Song of Blessing series, the author returns to the Red River Valley of North Dakota as the setting for the romance of Trygve Knutson and nurse-in-training, Miriam Hastings.

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Digital Disciple

(Book Review) Digital Disciple

The Rev. Adam Thomas explores the impact of pervasive technology on our Christian walk, including pros and cons and uses of technology for ministry and witness.

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Peter Got Out of the Boat

(Book Review) Peter Got Out of the Boat

This book takes an in-depth look at the story of Peter walking on water in Matthew 14. It begins by examining the passage’s background, starting with Peter’s call to be a disciple; then, it moves to studying the story itself.

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Empire's End

(Book Review) Empire’s End

Imagine a man so resolved on thwarting a cause you are advocating that he is actually murdering or imprisoning anyone who aligns with your message and beliefs. This man is so outraged and disgusted by the things you’re convinced are true, he is wreaking havoc on your meetings, your followers, and your new converts.

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Are You Attackable?

(Book Review) Are You Attackable?

As Christians, our lives are bound to come under attack. When these attacks come, the way we respond shows where our trust is – be it in God or in ourselves. Our relationship with God must be strengthened during peaceful times so we will be able to stand against the enemy later.

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Story Keeper

(Book Review) The Story Keeper

Here is a novel about a woman with a strong career and a traumatic past she must at last confront. She thought the doors to her previous life were forever shut. Successful editor Jen Gibbs has just landed her dream job with Vida House Publishing and is certain a brand new life is here to stay.

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