The Moment Between

(Book Review) The Moment Between

Reviewed by: Hanna Smith, professional writing major at Taylor University   Introduction Title: The Moment Between Author: Nicole Baart Publisher: Tyndale House Publication Date: April 2009 Format: Paperback Length: 362 Pages OVERVIEW Abigail Bennett has been in her sister’s shadow since the day she was born. The only one able to calm her sister’s instability, Abigail […]

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Help My Unbelief

(Book Review) Help My Unbelief

As humans, we want instant answers. When we cannot find the answers we crave, we get discouraged. As Christians, it is hard for us to put all our faith in God when he does not always seem to answer our prayers.

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Someday Home

(Book Review) Someday Home

Someday Home has a rather unusual plot, although the theme of women’s friendship is a perennial favorite of readers.

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Jesus in All Four Seasons

(Book Review) Jesus in All Four Seasons

Jesus in All Four Seasons by Dr. Dennis E. Hensley is the sequel to Jesus in the 9 to 5. A brand new genre of book has been created via this series called the “factvella”; part nonfiction, part fiction, but all compelling, inspirational and even practical.

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Ghost Boy

(Book Review) Ghost Boy

Reviewed by: Virginia Peterson, former church librarian Church: Rochester, N.Y. Introduction Title: Ghost Boy: the miraculous escape of a misdiagnosed boy trapped inside his own body Author: Martin Pistorius Publisher: Nelson Books (Thomas Nelson) Publication Date: November 19, 2013 Format: Print and ebook Length: 276 Pages OVERVIEW At age 12, Martin came down with a mysterious illness that left […]

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Welcome to Our World

(Video Review) Welcome to Our World

How do missionaries teach the Bible? What do they eat? How do the kids do school? What’s it like to live in a remote place? How do they travel? What’s a KFC doing in the middle of the jungle?

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Daddy, Do Cowboys Pray?

(Book Review) Daddy, Do Cowboys Pray?

This is a sweet little book about a young boy who asks his father if cowboys pray. This question takes them on a trip to a ranch where Zeke spends some time with real cowboys and finds that yes, if they are Christians, cowboys definitely pray.

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