First Principle

(Book Review) The First Principle

This dystopian futuristic young adult novel challenges the mind and soul of readers. In the future United Regions of North America, Vivica Wilkins appears to be a normal sixteen-year-old girl despite being the daughter of a governor.

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Song of Blessing Series

(Book Review) To Everything a Season/A Harvest of Hope

In the Song of Blessing series, the author returns to the Red River Valley of North Dakota as the setting for the romance of Trygve Knutson and nurse-in-training, Miriam Hastings.

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Digital Disciple

(Book Review) Digital Disciple

The Rev. Adam Thomas explores the impact of pervasive technology on our Christian walk, including pros and cons and uses of technology for ministry and witness.

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Princess Spy

(Book Review) The Princess Spy

For The Princess Spy, the fifth book in her series of medieval fairytale-retelling romances, Melanie Dickerson uses the story of “The Frog Prince” as inspiration.

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Biblical Portraits of Creation

(Book Review) Biblical Portraits of Creation

Many books are written on the subject of Genesis and creation, but as Dr. Kaiser notes in the forward to this book, very few examine the teaching of the Bible in a broad fashion.

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The River

(Book Review) The River

Tilly and Ruth are two sisters brought up in an Amish home, both now living in the Englisch world. Their faith in Christ has remained strong but neither has had any desire to return home, even for a visit. It takes a lot of courage to convince them they should attend their parents’ anniversary get-together. The fact that their father is not well is the piece that cinches it for them. Going home together will surely be easier than returning alone.

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Runaway Radical

(Book Review) Runaway Radical

Jonathan was a college-age Christian who wanted to change the world in the name of Jesus by helping the poor and underprivileged. The book recounts briefly his experiences on mission trips and in ministry before his big decision to spend a year in Africa.

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