Let's All Be Brave

(Book Review) Let’s All Be Brave

This is another day, O Lord. I know not what it will bring forth, but make me ready, Lord, for whatever it may be.

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Mother of Pearl

(Book Review) Mother of Pearl

The book is a gripping novel, capturing the reader’s attention almost immediately, as we enter the world of high school guidance counselor, Barrie Graeber. The novel opens by introducing the reader to the challenges of counseling teens trying to navigate today’s waters of life.

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God's Not Dead

(Video Review) God’s Not Dead

A collage freshman is taking a philosophy class and is asked to admit that God is dead. This young man happens to be a Christian and refuses to say that God is dead. In return the professor, as a mocking joke, asks him to prove God is alive.

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Though None Go with Me

(Video Review) Though None Go With Me

A young woman wants to move to California to pursue music with her boyfriend. She stops by her grandmother’s house to pick up some money for the trip, but her grandmother insists on telling her childhood love stories.

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Baron's Honourable Daughter

(Book Review) The Baron’s Honourable Daughter

The Baron’s Honourable Daughter is a Christian historical-fiction romance novel about Valeria Segrave, a young noblewoman in 18th century England who must learn how to manage her family’s estate and then herself as she enters London high society – all while under the enigmatic study of young Lord Hylton.

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Farewell, Four Waters

(Book Review) Farewell, Four Waters

Based on a true story, Farewell, Four Waters by Kate McCord (pseudonym) recaps the main character, Marie’s, last fourteen days of her mission work in Afghanistan.

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Wasted Prayer

(Book Review) Wasted Prayer

Many people pray about what God has asked them to do. Darley encourages the reader to make prayer a starting point but then to start taking action to put feet to their prayers.

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