(Book Review) 6 Week Money Challenge

6 Week Money ChallengeReviewed by: Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, professor of Professional Writing at Taylor University



Title: 6 Week Money Challenge: For Your Personal Finances

Author: Steve Repak

Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing

Publication Date: May 2016

Format: Hardcover

Length: 159 pages


After years of serving in the military and never getting out of debt, Steve Repak radically changed his view of money and became a certified financial planner and began to advise people on how to handle money wisely. In his book he presents a logical, solidly Christian, system of getting on a budget, looking toward the future needs of one’s self and family, and making intelligent investments. He begins by convincing readers not to cherish money, only God, and to that end to start being generous. As Christians we should help the poor, donate to the work of the Lord, and be sacrificial in our support of others. His book works from ground zero, helping even novice money managers understand terms such as dividends, interest, equities, bonds, assets, and liabilities. He explains about taxes, deductions, and earnings.

With simplified language, Repak encourages and teaches. He stresses the need to control debt and how to reduce spending. He presents options for adequate insurance coverage, retirement planning, and even home buying. Anyone who feels he or she is drowning in debt and unable to catch up, this book provides hope and insight. Taking it a week at a time, it can turn around a financial crisis in just six week. I highly recommend it.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Young marrieds needing a financial system and retirees getting ready to live on a reduced fixed income. Also, any Christians who wish to honor God with proper use of money.

Christian Impact

The author stresses that there is nothing evil about money, only about the “love of money.” When used correctly, money can be helpful, resourceful, and beneficial.

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley is chairman of the Department of Professional Writing at Taylor University and the author of How to Manage Your Money (Warner Press) and Money Wise (Harvest House).

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