(Book review) Malachi, Then and Now

Reviewed byDr. Dennis E. Hensley, Professor of Communication, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana



TitleMalachi, Then and Now

Author:  Dr. Allen P. Ross

PublisherWeaver Book Company

Publication Date2016

Format: Paperback book

Length202 pages


Although the book of Malachi is short, it is content heavy. Dr. Ross, a former professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, offers his readers an exhaustive examination of the mission and message of the last of the minor prophets. Taking the chapters in small sections, Ross gives the readers the historical background of the Jewish nation, its current religious practices, the admonitions from God as delivered by Malachi (and previous prophets), and the predictions of what will befall the Jews should they not heed to the rebukes and warnings of Malachi. The biblical text presented is a translation from the Hebrew by Dr. Ross himself.

Ross assumes that the readers of his book will be pastors or teachers or people involved in church leadership or global ministry. As such, he offers teaching outlines of his commentaries. He provides “word studies” to help lay readers understand the nuances of Hebrew expressions and terms and metaphors. He provides cross references to passages in both the Old and New Testaments that support or further explain the proclamations of Malachi. And he provides an in-depth set of reference texts for those who wish to do examinations into other facets of Malachi’s teachings.

This book is not for casual reading. However, for someone such as me, who has been studying the Bible for more than 60 years, it was a fascinating, detailed, thorough analysis of a passage of scripture seldom given the attention it merits. Any serious student of Old Testament writings would find this text enlightening.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Pastors, Sunday school teachers, seminary students, deacons, elders, professors

Christian Impact

Dr. Ross makes a solid case for Malachi as a prophet of the coming of Jesus as the Messiah. He shows that by providing the Jews with the scriptures, the temple, the prophets, the priests, and the status as “chosen people,” they should expect the coming one day of the Redeemer and should prepare for it.

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