(Book review) Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways You Can Pivot to Your Best Career

Reviewed by: Dennis E. Hensley, professor of communication at Taylor University and author of the novel Pseudonym



Title: Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways You Can Pivot to Your Best Career

Author: Robert Dickie III

Publisher: Moody Press

Publication Date: 2017

Format: Paperback

Length: 215 pages


This book has merits, but it too often fails to get to the point in a timely fashion. Once compressed, its insights might have made a good three-part magazine series, but more than 200 pages makes things drag out needlessly. The focus of the book is on how to adapt to rapid change in industry, commerce, technology, and culture. The author adequately proves that change is happening at a faster rate than at any time previously, and those who ride the momentum will succeed and enjoy more of life.

Some of the worthwhile key points stressed by the author include the need for leverage in getting ahead (it’s often who you know), persistence (don’t give up), goal setting (“Be the first to move, not the last to know,” he says), patience and hard work, and seeking new opportunities. Each chapter also has recommendations for web sites to go to for additional advice and direction.

His four zones of concentration are revector, reinvent, renew, and repurpose. In explaining these factors of success, the author provides long-winded stories of men and women who have found success in life by living these life patterns. One example would be adequate, and at half the length.  This is what slows the book’s progress and adds needless heft to it.


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

The book has a readable style, although sometimes the explanations of technology get a little tedious. People who are hoping to find a better career or to find ways to enjoy their current career more fully will find some insights and direction here.

Christian Impact

The book does an excellent job of stressing ethics, fairness, hard work, and honesty as vital elements in finding success in life and happiness with what one does both socially and professionally.

Other Notes:  The book provides detailed footnotes to support its research, and the back of the book provides lists of web sites, employment opportunities, textbooks, and online mentoring contacts.

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