(Book review) Handbook to the Bible, 5th Edition

Reviewed by: Dennis E. Hensley, Ph.D., professor of communication at Taylor University



Title: Handbook to the Bible, 5th Edition

Author: David and Pat Alexander

Publisher:  Zondervan

Publication Date: December, 2017

Format: Hardbound Book

Length: 814 pages


Except for the fact that this book is printed in 8-point type (very hard for older folks to read without a magnifying glass), it is a near-perfect volume for anyone who desires to delve deeply into the direct and ancillary aspects of Bible material. Consider the mention in the Bible of the Assyrians.  This handbook gives full background on Assyrians history, art, libraries, religion, military, kings and generals, geography, and culture, along with photographs of archaeological remnants from this civilization, such as temple carvings and maps of its territorial holdings. This text presents every verse and passage of the Bible, each supplemented with cross references to similar passages in scripture, to rituals or practices related to the topic in that verse, or to more precise meanings of the words in the original language. Inserted in the book are numerous articles written by recognized biblical scholars, such as “Jesus and Women” by David Instone-Brewer and “The Scribe” by Alan Millard. In-depth material is provided on views of the afterlife, the rapture and end times, angels, demons, miracles, prayer, and the Second Coming.  As a reference tool, a study guide, or a supplement to one’s on research, this book is exhaustive in its valuable material.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Anyone involved in Bible study or Bible teaching—VBS teachers, pastors, seminary students, youth leaders, or Sunday school teachers.

Christian Impact

In its four previous editions this book has sold more than three million copies, thus proving its merit throughout the decades. This new version has added more visuals, longer articles, and larger maps, as well as a new feature called “Rapid Finder,” which not only provides quick references to key Bible materials, but also gives matching references for material in this Handbook. It is sure to be a blessing to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

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