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When Twilight Breaks

The author also makes her story more particular than many historical romance novels, with lots of references to specific buildings and music which were popular in 1930s Germany.  This gives the story a sense of depth, the sense that Sundin is telling a story grounded in a historical period, not just using Germany as a backdrop for an easy morality tale.

The land beneath us

The story reflects the prodigal son, Clay, as the obedient son, and Leah mirrors the story of Leah, Jacob’s rejected wife in Scripture.

The Sea before Us (#1 in the Sunrise at Normandy series)

The tension that existed during the preparation and plans leading up to the D-day invasion are always in the background of this novel.  Good character development, some unexpected plot twists, and attention to historical detail are strong elements in this first novel of a new series called Sunrise at Normandy.


Through Waters Deep

It is the year 1941, and America is on the brink of World War II. Naval Ensign Jim Avery encounters his childhood friend, Mary Sterling, now a shipyard secretary in Boston. A sabotage plot in the Navy Yard is discovered, and Jim and Mary must team up to catch the culprit.