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Starting a Church Library

Are you thinking about starting a library in your church? If so, this article sets forth some suggestions, and some preliminary issues that you should consider.

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(Book Review) The Second Half

Mona and Ken Sorenson are approaching that time in life when Ken will be retired and they, like many others, have big plans of trips and activities involving the two of them. But several things hit them at once starting with Ken’s retirement.

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(Book Review) The Jesus Chronicles: Mark’s story

Best known for their Left Behind series, the authors here present a fictionalized biography of the author of the Gospel of Mark. With Mark widely believed by Bible scholars to be a confidant of the apostle Peter, and the recorder of his experiences with Jesus, the book describes the known and probable interactions between Mark and Peter as the early church grew and spread after Jesus’ death. It also describes the apostle Paul’s interactions with Peter in his role as another prominent member of the early church.

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(Book review) Amish Village Mysteries

The three books in this series are a lovely blend of mystery, a little romance, Amish life and Christian fiction. All three books are set in the Amish Village where you will find a variety of shops and stores, thus one title refers to a coffee shop, one to a knitting store and the last to the local bakery.

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Christmas Joy Ride

(Book Review) Christmas Joy Ride

Joy, an eighty-five-year old widow, plans to drive her old RV from Chicago to her new apartment in Arizona in the dead of winter. But her much younger friend, Miranda, insists she cannot do it alone.

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Habits for Our Holiness

(Book Review) Habits for Our Holiness

As a pastor, professor, and father, Philip Nation has had many years to practice the habits and ways of the Christian faith. This book pulls together all of those years in an uplifting and encouraging manner, perfect for every church library.

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Eden Hill

(Book Review)

Virgil Osgood, a poorly educated man, is content to run the only service station in town. It’s not much on looks or convenience, but the service is friendly and excellent. Ambitious Cornelius Alexander comes to town intending to open a snazzy Zipco station across the street from Osgood

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