(Book review) Saving my assassin

It’s hard to believe that an eighty-seven pound woman, just under five foot tall, could stand up to those intent on murdering her, but with God that is just what happened! As the author herself states, “I should be dead. Buried in an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously, I am not. God had other plans.”

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(Book review) Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family

In Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family, Gott and his brother Gerald explore themes of love, healing, and forgiveness, acknowledging that only the Lord can restore what has been broken. The authors use a mix of prose and poetry to share their lives with readers, in hopes they will find encouragement and hope.

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(Book review) Her Deadly Inheritance

This novel is a Christian mystery full of twists and turns in the midst of a family feud. The viewpoints switch back and fourth between two characters; Clay has a past, just as Jill does; however, Jill has the advantage of a strong relationship with God.

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(Book review) Days? or Ages? The Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation’s Calendar

The question of the earth’s origin has been a stumbling block for quite a long time. Even among Christians, who all believe that God created the universe, there are numerous views on the specifics of Earth’s beginning. Days? Or Ages? The Genesis Question attempts to tackle this issue by providing an in-depth examination of Genesis 1 as explained in layman’s terms.

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(Book review) Vegangelical

King approaches the reader by acknowledging the stereotypes she fulfills straightaway: “I’m a Christian and an animal advocate, so I almost never get invited to dinner parties.” Continuing this conversational tone, King remains relatable without compromising the informative purpose of her words.

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(Book review) New dreams

Drawing readers in with clever opening lines, Patricia Sawyer uses anecdotes and stories as parables to exemplify the points she makes about how to get the desires of one’s heart. New Dreams may be a book aimed at mothers with adult children, but the ideas expressed in it can easily be applied to anyone wishing to get more out of his or her faith.

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(Book review) Finding God in the Waves

This book is great! I enjoyed reading about your life and your family. You made it so easy for me to dive into your life and empathize with what you may have gone through. It reminded me of God’s power, not just throughout the universe, but in my life as well.

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