(Book review) A Hidden Springs Mystery Series

Nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky! Or say they so until the body of a stranger turns up at the courthouse and following that, another dead body, this one a local that everyone knows.

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(Book review) : At Home in Exile

Russell Jeung’s memoir of his days in the poorest parts of California wrestles with the best and worst areas of his life and ministry.

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(Book review) Letting Go

Letting Go is separated into three parts, each equally filled with helpful guidance for dealing with wayward persons.

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(Book review) Christians in an Age of Wealth

The next installment in Zondervan’s Biblical Theology for Life series attempts to give answers to questions Christians may have about money. Here, Blomberg goes through the Bible, using passages to develop a comprehensive theory of stewardship.

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Packed with information on each page, Zondervan’s Essential Atlas of the Bible is an historian’s dream. It is divided into two main sections: geographical and historical.

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(Book review) Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire tells the true stories of eight modern Christian women in countries around the world who have faced hardship and persecution for their faith and ministry. Through vivid language, riveting dialogue, and enough excitement for an action movie, the book holds the reader’s interest from beginning to end.

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(Book review) Just a little girl

Victoria found herself face to face with her own guardian angel who charged her with the task of acquiring the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Victoria shares the path God took her on to acquire these gifts, from rearing six children to earning advanced degrees in Hebraic studies.

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