Truth and Consequences

(Book Review) Truth & Consequences

Have you ever seen a misunderstanding that masqueraded as an argument? Two friends strike up a discussion that starts to go south, and battle lines are drawn before anybody quite realizes it. As you listen to what each is saying, however, you realize that they don’t really disagree at all.

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Faith of Christopher Hitchens

(Book Review) The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

He was known as one of the “Four Horsemen of the New Atheism.” The hero of many secularists, Christopher Hitchens spent his life rebelling against the idea God existed and publicly debating anyone who disagreed.

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Mind of Her Own

(Book Review) Mind of Her Own

Housewife and mom Louisa Copeland is innocently (if a bit angrily) getting down an appliance to cook dinner for her growing family, when said appliance conks her on the head.

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The 21st Century Church Library: Equipped and Equipping

A full day conference for church librarians and booklovers! September 17, 2016 Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM College Church, 332 E. Seminary Ave., Wheaton. IL Speakers! Workshops! Book Store! BookSwap! Book Giveaways! Networking! Book Signings! Featured Speakers: Lynn Austin is the author of 23 books that have sold more than one million copies worldwide. […]

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Chance of Loving You

(Book Review) Chance of Loving You

When I received this book for review, I was looking forward to three easy-read novellas from authors I enjoy. The premise was fun—namely, take a long-shot first encounter and build a romance around it.

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Create vs. Copy

(Book Review) Create vs. Copy

College professor Ken Wytsma’s nonfiction book Create vs Copy argues that being creative in the workplace is not only possible, it is natural and beneficial for the worker and the business.

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Beyond the Attic Door

(Book Review) Beyond the Attic Door

Children have wild imaginations. But, in this short novel, their Uncle Hugh has the biggest imagination of all. The conflict in this book is centered on a true historical event. Mr. John Scopes has been arrested for teaching evolution.

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Seven Laws of Love

(Book Review) The Seven Laws of Love

Pastor Dave Willis brings love to the forefront of readers’ minds in his book The Seven Laws of Love. Within the pages, Willis uses shared stories, research, and personal anecdotes to lay out a foundation for his seven principles of love.

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