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Rembrandt is in the Wind: Learning to Love Art Through the Eyes of Faith

Russ Ramsey shows how each of these artists was reaching in some way for God, even the ones who (as far as we know) didn’t find God. In doing so, Ramsey reminds readers that all truth is God’s truth, recognized or not. He also provides great insights on what Christian creatives can learn from these artists about craft, living the artist’s life, and pitfalls to avoid.

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The story of us 

In a very artistic manner, the Biblical events from Creation to restoration are demonstrated for children.

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Freedom is Costly But Priceless: If Not Maintained It Will Not Remain

What has happened to the Christian heritage that made America so unique? Dave Meyer argues that a key problem is not so much politics, but the principles we’ve forgotten that made our culture and political process work.

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