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The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis

The story is largely based on Lewis’s autobiography Surprised by Joy, and contains multiple discussions about faith, reasons for believing God, basic theism versus Christianity, and what it means to believe that Jesus was God.

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Losing My Voice To Find It

This is Mark Stuart’s story beginning in college and the start of the band Audio Adrenaline. It is how his band members and he met and got together. The interesting stories of the band going from gig to gig. Mark kept doubting if his singing was enough for God.. Even though God kept showing him where to go and bringing people into his life to show him the way. Mark starts losing his voice and is brought full circle in what God wants him to do.

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(DVD Review) The Master Designer: The Song

This is a beautiful and professionally-produced film about the wonders of nature that point to a designer God. Six animals or insects are examined in detail, showing how their characteristics and qualities support the thesis of creation, and for a couple of them, an historical incident where they were involved. An additional segment talks about the scientific revolution of the past, and how many scientists were operating under a Christian worldview that saw the regularities of natural law as a reflection of God’s character.

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Finding Normal

(DVD Review) Finding Normal

Dr. Lisa Leland is use to a fast-paced life as a general surgeon in Los Angeles, and looking forward to getting married and slowing down by being a doctor on call for the rich in the Hamptons. On her way to visit her fiancé, Lisa gets pulled over in the town of Normal, Louisiana, and, unable to pay her speeding ticket, is sentenced to three days of community service as a doctor to the townspeople. Three days in the small town, meeting new people and experiencing a different way of life, cause Lisa to re-examine her views of life, work, faith, and love.

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