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The Restorer

Hinck builds a world in The Restorer that mirrors the world we come from.

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(Book review) The 49th Mystic

“Matanoia” – a new way of thinking. That is what Rachelle learns when she finds herself
in an unknown world while she is dreaming. Readers of The Circle will be familiar with
this world, where Thomas Hunter lives. Rachelle is thrown into a conflict between good
and evil that touches her life in both worlds, and her challenge is, constantly, to
determine what is true and what isn’t, and to find the Five Seals, in both worlds, before
the evil forces triumph.

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(Book review) Guardian of Ajalon

Time is running out for Shara and her friends. After many travels, she and her friends are close to reaching the kingdom of Ajalon, but the only way is through a dark path in the Rif’twine Forest, a path known only as the poison tree path. Meanwhile, her friends in the Guardian Grotto, the last refuge of those who stand against Lord Lucian and his pawns, are preparing for a moment they never thought would come.

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