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(Book review) The Prince Warriors

The book begins with four kids facing tough situations in a real (contemporary) world. Then they’re mysteriously taken to another place (Ahoratos). Once there, they meet their guide, Ruwach, and are given armor to fight the enemy as they face a series of difficulties.

A unique aspect of the book (not a spoiler) is the kids going back to the their real-life circumstances and putting into practice what they have learned.

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(Book review) The Golden Vial: Book Three of Legends of the Realm

Reviewed by: Alyssa Roat, a professional writing major at Taylor University.   Introduction Title: The Golden Vial: Book Three of Legends of the Realm Author: Thomas Locke Publisher: Revell Publication Date:  2018 Format: Print book Length:293 pages OVERVIEW Dally is just a normal village servant—with untold magical powers. In the third book of the Legends of the Realm series, the realm is under […]

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(Book Review) Beyond the Attic Door

Children have wild imaginations. But, in this short novel, their Uncle Hugh has the biggest imagination of all. The conflict in this book is centered on a true historical event. Mr. John Scopes has been arrested for teaching evolution.

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