eBooks & Audio Books

Know of an eBook or Audio Book library, publisher, or tutorial we are missing? Please notify our Web Coordinator at info@eclalibraries.org.

General Libraries & Publishers

Plough Publishing House (FREE): eBooks only. Available for Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers.

Project Gutenberg (FREE): Public domain eBooks in a variety of formats, include EPUB (Nook & Apple) and Kindle.

Zondervan eBooks & Audiobooks (For Purchase): Downloadable audiobooks. Downloadable EPUB format ebooks that can be read on Apple devices, Nook, Kindle (with Calibre), and most other e-readers.


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  1. Hello admin of this blog, do you allow guest posting ?
    Please let me know, i am interested .

  2. Our church library is looking at adding e books to our library especially at this time of pandemic. As Librarian I’m green with process as to how I would go about this. I’m in Ontario Canada. Would anyone have this process set up in their church library? Right now I’m in midst of a huge project to move our Library Index onto our Church website so people can see all resources in library and search by key word. I’m using LibraryThing/Tiny Cat. Would really appreciate any help with how to start and set up the process. Does the church have to purchase a reading app to offer to congregation in order to read on line on their own tablets/computers? What Christian related e-books and audio book sites do you use? are there any free or do you have to purchase? If you already have a hard copy of a resource can you get a discount on the audio version etc.? Cheryl (Lighthouse Fellowship Baptist, Ontario Canada)

  3. Hi Evangelist admin: Would I be able to publish my eBook short read on the – -Here are a few titles: Lost books of Thomas “Christ meditation teachings”?
    Blissful Ignorance, and the waking Bloodline Terrorist
    If so Please let me know. i.supreme1777@gmail.com – Thank you

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