More Tools

Equipping tools accessible to ECLA Members, as a benefit of national membership.

ECLA Members-Only Tools icon

These items are password-protected.

The password gets emailed to Members at the start of the membership year, and to new Members when they join.

If you forget the password, or have not received it yet from ECLA, please contact our Membership Coordinator ( so she can verify your membership status and provide you with the password.

Please respect that these items are for Members, and do not share these with colleagues who are not national Members. ECLA provides many helpful equipping tools (now, all of our new media and product reviews and tips on the blog!) free to the public as part of our public ministry to support church libraries and Christians. However, some resources do need to be restricted to our Members to provide added value to their Membership status and dues.

Downloadable Publications

Publications and handouts available as free downloads to ECLA Members.

These publications are in .PDF format (download the free Adobe Reader if needed).

Church Libraries Journal Archives

Church Libraries is the now-defunct journal previously published quarterly by the Evangelical Church Library Association. Our final publication is the Summer 2014 issue. Issues dating back to Summer 2011 (in .PDF format) are still available to current ECLA Members.

National Board Materials

These items are accessible just to Board Members for conducting Board business, and require a separate password.

If you are a Board Member who forgot the password, please contact our Web Coordinator.

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