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Lethal Target (The Line of Duty #2)

Cantore provides an interesting cast of characters and a compelling plot that has plenty of suspense and adventure.

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(Book review) Perilous Judgment

Reviewed by: Clark Murray, a professional writing major at Taylor University.   Introduction Title: Perilous Judgment Author: Dennis Ricci Publisher: Waterfall Press Publication Date: May 17, 2016 Format: Paperback Length: 432 pages OVERVIEW Government drama, personal anxiety and shame, along with a setting of tension combine to make the reader hold tightly to the pages of the book. The Mexicali border is […]

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Persecuted: I Will Not Be Silent

(Book Review) Persecuted: I Will Not Be Silent, by Robin Parrish and Daniel Lusko

It was difficult to keep remembering this book is a work of fiction, because it is one of those you read that could be true right now. In fact, some of the storyline could be pulled from modern day headlines, it hit that close to home.

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