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Courage, Dear Heart: Letters to a Weary World

Are you tired of fluffy feel-good answers that only leave you feeling more lost and alone? Are you tired of “Christians” ignoring the world and pretending a little “Jesus” dust will fix all the brokenness?

If you’re looking for honesty and truth amid a sea of lies and empty promises, this is the book for you. Courage, Dear Heart is written for weary hearts tired of a broken world and addresses topics like abuse, rejection, fear, doubt, and much more. Unlike many Christian books, this one doesn’t try to stick a Band-Aid over the gaping wounds on our hearts. It doesn’t offer easy answers or simple solutions to the mosaic of brokenness that we find ourselves in, yet it provides the deeper nourishment with the ultimate Hope.

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Fake or Follower: Refusing to Settle for a Shallow Faith

What does it looks like when we choose to go beyond just doing Christianity as a duty to pursuing growth, community and love? Andi Andrew examines that idea here, describing the challenges of pursuing a mature faith and the many benefits it creates along the way.

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The Lost Discipline of Conversation

In this well-researched book, Joanna Jung draws upon the writings of well and lesser-known puritans to learn how they valued and used the spiritual discipline of conference, or intentional, spiritually-focused conversation as a means to spiritual growth. We learn not only why the Puritans considered such care crucial to discipleship and the Christian walk but also how to implement this in our modern-day lives. Specific examples and prompts are given for several different audiences with which the reader may choose to converse in order to follow the biblical exhortation to care for one another’s souls.

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