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The Unknown Disciple

Ever since the shepherd boy saw Jesus as a babe in a manger, he obtains glimpses of the Messiah throughout his life. As he manages a fabric business, his life intersects with that of Christ through witnessing miracles, meeting characters such as Nicodemus and Luke, and marrying his second wife (the woman healed by the touch of Jesus’ hem) after his first spouse dies in childbirth. Throughout his journey through the Gospels, the unknown disciple struggles with bitterness and doubt, but along the way, he learns to place his trust in Christ.

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(Book Review) The Christian and the Culture

When we are immersed in a culture, it can be difficult to recognize the negative ideals and practices we uphold. However, we may risk compromising our core beliefs and values if we opt to take part more fully in the world around us.

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(Book Review) A Year of Feasting

This is a beginner’s handbook on observing seven ancient Jewish feasts in the modern day.

The author provides detailed lists of the decorations and foods needed in order to celebrate each feast, as well as scripts to follow during the ceremonies.

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(Book Review)

Junk Food Christianity offers a brief perspective on some of the modern-day myths that threaten to undermine the Christian faith and how people of faith ought to respond.

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