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(Book review) Upward, Inward, Outward: Love God. Love Yourself. Love Others

Reviewed by Alec Tebben, a professional writing major at Taylor University.   Introduction Title: Upward, Inward, Outward: Love God. Love Yourself. Love Others Author: Daniel Fusco Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers Publication Date: Fall 2017 Format: Paperback Length: 246 pages OVERVIEW What is the meaning of life?  What are we, as humans, made to do?  How do we find fulfillment in our lives?  Those are […]

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(Book Review) Truth & Consequences

Have you ever seen a misunderstanding that masqueraded as an argument? Two friends strike up a discussion that starts to go south, and battle lines are drawn before anybody quite realizes it. As you listen to what each is saying, however, you realize that they don’t really disagree at all.

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Help My Unbelief

(Book Review) Help My Unbelief

As humans, we want instant answers. When we cannot find the answers we crave, we get discouraged. As Christians, it is hard for us to put all our faith in God when he does not always seem to answer our prayers.

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