ECLA Media Review Guidelines

We want to hear from you! What are YOU reading, watching, or listening to that is inspiring your walk with Jesus Christ? Wish you’d saved the time you invested in that movie you watched last weekend? Let us know! We’ll share your thoughts with others.

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Please note that ECLA may add affiliate program hyperlinks to the book jacket art and/or item title of the books and media items you review. This is to help us, as a non-profit, possibly earn a little bit of income to help grow our ministry.

The goal of the ECLA blog reviews is to explore Christian books and media materials for individuals, as well as librarians and teachers.

  • Reviewers are Christians who adhere to the ECLA Statement of faith.
  • Reviewers reflect on materials in relation to biblical teaching and traditional Christian ethics keeping in mind that our readers represent the broad spectrum of Christianity. Thank you for informing our readers about biases and content issues while letting them determine for themselves what is appropriate for their libraries, as well as their personal reading and media lists.
  • Please refrain from spoilers if at all possible!
  • Rate your overall response to the book or media item on a scale of 1-5.
  • Reviews do not need to just be positive ones. These are reviews, not recommendations. Please feel free to submit reviews of items you dislike as well.

Submission instructions:

(Established 6/5/14)

The ECLA Web Team

Christy Ewing, Social Media Co-Coordinator
Tinna Mills, Social Media Co-Coordinator


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