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Permission to be Black: My Journey with Jay-Z and Jesus

“I am surprised you are still alive.”

A.D. Thomason wasn’t expecting his therapist to say that. Coming from a large African-American family in Detroit, with an absent father and various other traumas, Thomason was very familiar with pain. Like many African-American men, he had been taught to keep all those things in, that “we don’t talk about these things.” With more therapy, he came to understand his own pain and find ways to heal from it. He describes what that journey looked like, and his discovery that he didn’t have to keep his problems bottled up or dissociate from his past by buying into a majority American culture ideal that denied his ethnic roots. As he tells his story, Thomason gives readers “Cheat Codes,” summarizing the lessons he learned that led to new freedom.

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Centered: Trading your plans for a life that matters

The author wants readers to know that God is calling each of us to make a difference in the world for Jesus’ sake.

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Beyond Valor: A World War II Story of Extraordinary Heroism, Sacrificial Love, and a Race Against Time

So many singular stories of great heroism get lost to time. This book isolates a moment when one man, a Christian who constantly prayed for God’s guidance and help, did something beyond the call of duty. It’s a fascinating read from beginning to end.

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Twice Rescued Child

This book is very detail-oriented, with much attention to setting, specifically concerning the towns and cities Thomas traveled among throughout his life. This makes for a slower, more careful read. Thomas selected the details and events that would make his life story flow and shine in this book, giving the reader a close, intricate view of his life-long endeavor for Christ.

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