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God’s Biker: Motorcycles and Misfits

Overall, this is the best kind of challenging Christian book. It pushes readers to face their preconceptions and hunger for a countercultural but deeper way to live for God.

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(Book review) Healing Scarred Hearts

Susan Hoemke chronicles her son’s drug addition and subsequent death in a very captivating and engaging manner. Some people may assume that the parents of a teen or young adult who dies from drugs could have done more. It is beyond evident from reading this book that Susan and her husband did so very, very much to try to help him fully recover.

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(Book review) Once Upon a Farm

Rory Feek and his wife, Joey, are Grammy Award-winning country music singers but they try, with a lot of guidance from God, to stay humble and strive to have a simple life on their farm. Rory has two grown daughters from a previous marriage and two years after Joey has their baby, a girl with downs syndrome named Indiana, Joey is diagnosed with cancer that 8 months later takes her life. This is Rory’s second book. In his first book he chronicles his and Joey’s love story and careers. In this book, Once Upon a Farm, Rory beautifully and in such a simple, heart felt manner shares about his life with his wife and how he is trying to develop a new normal, now that Joey is in heaven.

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