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(Book Review) The Founders and the Bible

The founders of our nation were firm believers in the importance of Christian morals and biblical lessons. They advocated the use and teaching of the Bible in schools, and they studied the Bible in great depth on their own.

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(Book Review) Hannah More, The Artist as Reformer

Hannah More, The Artist as Reformer is a biographical look at the life of Hannah More and the effects she had as a prominent evangelical proto-feminist of her era that has been forgotten in the modern era.

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In Freedom's Cause

(Audio Review) In Freedom’s Cause

“God will not always shield us from death, but He promises He will always be with us,” Ned’s mother tells him. In a tale of freedom, revenge, courage, and betrayal, death comes nearer and more often than the characters would like…but God comes even closer.

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Jesus, A Visual History

(Book Review) Jesus, A Visual History

Brake takes the reader on a journey through Jesus’ life, providing many details and a look into the world in which Jesus lived.

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