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(Book review) The Lost Discipline of Conversation

In this well-researched book, Joanna Jung draws upon the writings of well and lesser-known puritans to learn how they valued and used the spiritual discipline of conference, or intentional, spiritually-focused conversation as a means to spiritual growth. We learn not only why the Puritans considered such care crucial to discipleship and the Christian walk but also how to implement this in our modern-day lives. Specific examples and prompts are given for several different audiences with which the reader may choose to converse in order to follow the biblical exhortation to care for one another’s souls.

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(Book review) A Family Shaped by Grace

Morland hooks the reader in the beginning with his conversational tone and spirit of humility. His tools—ranging from overcoming Prayer Warrior Syndrome to dealing with the hardest-to-get-along family members—give his audience realistic ways to handle frustrating family situations.

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(Book review) The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

Reviewed by: Diane Ash, retired teacher and current librarian of the Federated Church, Sandwich, IL   Introduction Title: The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck Author: Bethany Turner Publisher: Revell Publication Date: 2017 Format: Paperback print book Length: 294 pages OVERVIEW Sarah Hollenbeck is a divorced writer of bestselling steamy romance novels until she becomes best friends with someone who introduces her to […]

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