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(Book review) Perilous Judgment

Reviewed by: Clark Murray, a professional writing major at Taylor University.   Introduction Title: Perilous Judgment Author: Dennis Ricci Publisher: Waterfall Press Publication Date: May 17, 2016 Format: Paperback Length: 432 pages OVERVIEW Government drama, personal anxiety and shame, along with a setting of tension combine to make the reader hold tightly to the pages of the book. The Mexicali border is […]

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(Book Review) Someone Has to Die

ollowing the stories of a peace-making congressman, a terrorist bent on wiping Christians from the earth, the family of an ex-terrorist, and a single Christian mother and her daughter, this book is a roller coaster from start to finish. Multiple characters are faced with internal issues of identity as they struggle with the external issues regarding the unstable relationship between Christians and Muslims. The two families are drawn together at the height of tensions between the two religions after an unruly gang of Muslim teenagers burns down the church the Christian family attends. A member of the volunteer fire rescue team (an ex-terrorist) finds himself running into the flames to save the only person trapped in the fire.

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(Book Review) Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a thriller novel inspired by the classic Edgar Allan Poe poem. It is told from three unique perspectives: The Mute, who is a retired army sniper; Trudi, a divorced private investigator; and Annabel Lee, herself, a young girl hidden away in a bunker by her mysterious uncle.

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