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Brief Insights on Mastering Bible Study

All in all, this book is the perfect primer for anyone looking to start studying the Bible or interested in doing deeper studies.

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(Book review) Courage, Dear Heart: Letters to a Weary World

Are you tired of fluffy feel-good answers that only leave you feeling more lost and alone? Are you tired of “Christians” ignoring the world and pretending a little “Jesus” dust will fix all the brokenness?

If you’re looking for honesty and truth amid a sea of lies and empty promises, this is the book for you. Courage, Dear Heart is written for weary hearts tired of a broken world and addresses topics like abuse, rejection, fear, doubt, and much more. Unlike many Christian books, this one doesn’t try to stick a Band-Aid over the gaping wounds on our hearts. It doesn’t offer easy answers or simple solutions to the mosaic of brokenness that we find ourselves in, yet it provides the deeper nourishment with the ultimate Hope.

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(Book review) Reason to Breathe

In this first book in Raney’s upcoming Chandler Sisters series, we are introduced to Phylicia (Phee), Joanna, and Britt who make their home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Their mother has just passed away from cancer, their father has disappeared to Florida (with the hospice nurse) with instructions left for his daughters to clean out and sell the family home. The sisters are left to grieve, to wonder, to worry, and to figure out how to move on when both parents are now as good as gone.

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Welcoming the stranger

Welcoming the stranger is so filled with information that it could be described as a reference book for immigration.

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