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Experiencing God (Inner Land: A Guide into the Heart of the Gospel Volume 3)

This book will help understand the richness of what it means to be made new in Christ and to have their perspective on the world transformed.

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The end of hunger: Renewed hope for feeding the world

The end of hunger brings a wide variety of people together to share their thoughts, ideas and statistics on world hunger and its repercussions beyond hunger itself. Activists, scientists, politicians, people like Chef Rick Bayless and entertainers like Amy Grant and country singer Brad Paisley and the list goes on and on with names the reader will recognize and those not so well known.

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Reading Buechner: Exploring the Works of a Master Memoirist, Novelist, Theologian, and Preacher

Frederick Buechner first hit the literary scene in 1950 with his acclaimed novel A Long Day’s Dying. A few years later, he shocked those readers by converting to Christianity and becoming an ordained Presbyterian minister. Since then, he’s walked an unusual path, writing novels and assorted nonfiction that present spiritual ideas, but not in the ways most people are used to. Jeffrey Munroe analyzes Buechner’s career and spiritual life, with different sections considering different genres Buechner has written in. The sections look at what are arguably Buechner’s best books:

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