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Abyss of the fallen

The author includes a little humor and some romance which adds another layer to the science fiction. The end of this book leaves readers hanging so be prepared to dive into book two to find out what happens next!

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Journey to Love

The purpose of this book is to help the reader learn to accept love from others and to love those around them. This is a collection of 40 short, story-driven readings with reflection questions and exercises at the end of each reading. These questions and exercises will help the reader process the readings, record their thoughts in a journal and perhaps even discuss the concepts with friends.  The goal of this is to find out how to be more loving and to receive more love.

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Return to the Valley

In each of these Amish romances, the main character questions whether God will bless her with her heart’s desire, a home and husband.

In Wilma’s wish, when her fiancé’s sister dies, he feels responsible to take in his five orphaned nephews. But they don’t take to Wilma at all. Is there a chance for their marriage or will Wilma and Israel have to give up their wedding plans?

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The Soul of a Hero: becoming the Man of Strength and Purpose You Were Created to Be

Everybody has some idea what men need to be better fathers, better husbands and just better engaged in life. Arguably, the most important thing is simple: men need to understand their inner hunger for heroism. David Stoop and Stephen Arterburn help men understand their need to find heroes that can be role models, and how to live the heroic life no matter what they do for a living. Along the way, they consider common male concerns and issues, showing how men can avoid pitfalls to live victoriously.

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