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Tortured for Christ (50th Anniversary Edition)

Whether readers view it as a historical document about past persecution, a story about grace and faith, or an argument for the church to get serious about helping underground churches, the story will move them like few other books can.

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This Child of Faith

In this book, Sophfronia Scott tells the story of raising her son, Tain Gregory, who was present in his third-grade classroom the morning of the Sandy Hook shooting.

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(Book review) Once Upon a Farm

Rory Feek and his wife, Joey, are Grammy Award-winning country music singers but they try, with a lot of guidance from God, to stay humble and strive to have a simple life on their farm. Rory has two grown daughters from a previous marriage and two years after Joey has their baby, a girl with downs syndrome named Indiana, Joey is diagnosed with cancer that 8 months later takes her life. This is Rory’s second book. In his first book he chronicles his and Joey’s love story and careers. In this book, Once Upon a Farm, Rory beautifully and in such a simple, heart felt manner shares about his life with his wife and how he is trying to develop a new normal, now that Joey is in heaven.

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