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Everywhere Holy: Seeing Beauty, Remembering Your Identity, and Finding God Right Where You Are

This book is for the woman who longs for more—more than busy schedules, more than tedious tasks, more than going through the motions. It’s for the woman seeking light, peace, and genuine gratitude in the midst of routine. It’s for the woman who is seeking her place in the holy world God has created.

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A Change of Affection

This memoir plunges readers into one man’s poignant journey out of identifying as a homosexual to receiving identity as a child of God. Cook’s transparency and convictions deepen readers’ understanding of the nature of homosexuality and the implications of the gospel for this issue. Cook dives into the crux of this cultural controversy by addressing the heart issues from a biblical standpoint.

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Kinda Like Grace: A Homeless Man, a Broken Woman, and the Decision that Made Them Family

This book gives a powerful look at helping the least of these and trusting God along the way that few other books provide. Anyone looking for new understandings of Christian charity should read this book.

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