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(Book review) Land of Silence

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Hartmann, a professional writing major at Taylor University   Introduction Title: Land of Silence Author: Tessa Afshar Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Publication Date: May 2016 Format: Print book Length: 390 pages OVERVIEW     Ever since her brother died because of her thoughtlessness, Elianna, the daughter of a merchant in ancient Jerusalem, yearns for forgiveness and healing. When her […]

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(Book review) Long Way Gone

Long Way Gone chronicles a retelling of Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son in a modern, easy to read style and setting. Detailing the redemptive love of a father for his son, this book explores God’s protection and mercy when we find ourselves a long way from home.

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(Book Review) The Jesus Chronicles: Mark’s story

Best known for their Left Behind series, the authors here present a fictionalized biography of the author of the Gospel of Mark. With Mark widely believed by Bible scholars to be a confidant of the apostle Peter, and the recorder of his experiences with Jesus, the book describes the known and probable interactions between Mark and Peter as the early church grew and spread after Jesus’ death. It also describes the apostle Paul’s interactions with Peter in his role as another prominent member of the early church.

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