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(Book review) The Return: Northkill Amish (Book Two)

Reviewed by: Theresa M. Hughes, a professional writing major at Taylor University   Introduction Title: The Return: Northkill Amish (Book Two) Author: J. M. Hochstetler and Bob Hostetler Publisher: Sheaf House Publishers Publication Date: Spring 2017 Format: Print Book Length: 230 Pages OVERVIEW Beginning where the first book left off, this historical novel follows the lives of Jakob Hochstetler and his two […]

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(Book review) Anna’s healing

A tornado rips through Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma and changes Anna Schwartz’s life forever.

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(Book Review) Blessings in Disguise

Nancy Mehl weaves an intricate plotline in Blessings in Disguise, a mystery novel, set in an Amish community. Cheryl Cooper has recently taken over the Swiss Miss gift shop after her Aunt Mitzi has left for the mission field.

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The River

(Book Review) The River

Tilly and Ruth are two sisters brought up in an Amish home, both now living in the Englisch world. Their faith in Christ has remained strong but neither has had any desire to return home, even for a visit. It takes a lot of courage to convince them they should attend their parents’ anniversary get-together. The fact that their father is not well is the piece that cinches it for them. Going home together will surely be easier than returning alone.

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