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Return to the Valley

In each of these Amish romances, the main character questions whether God will bless her with her heart’s desire, a home and husband.

In Wilma’s wish, when her fiancé’s sister dies, he feels responsible to take in his five orphaned nephews. But they don’t take to Wilma at all. Is there a chance for their marriage or will Wilma and Israel have to give up their wedding plans?

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The robin’s greeting

This third book in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery series can be read as a stand alone. Events that previously happened may be referred to but with enough explanation that the reader doesn’t feel anything lacking in the story.

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Piece by Piece

If you have been through the loss of a loved one in a tragic way, you will enjoy this book. It helps to have someone stand alongside besides the Lord.

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The patient one

The Eight are a group of Amish, English and Mennonite young people who have been friends for ages. When one of their group, Andy, commits suicide, they are all left bereft and considering where they are going in life.

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