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Light From Distant Stars

Finding his father’s lifeless body in their family’s funeral
home drives Cohen Marah to face a terrifying question: did he cause his
father’s death?

The days that follow, with his father on life support,
connect Cohen to memories of his troubled childhood and relationship with his
father growing up. He relives his father’s affair, his parents’ divorce,
watching his father succumb to alcoholism.

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Send down the rain

Forgiveness, forgiveness of self, trust, self-sacrifice are all themes of this book.

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A Reluctant Bride

Learning to stop running from your problems and heartaches and trust that God will be with you no matter how difficult the situation is a major theme in Reluctant Bride.

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To the moon and back

When Ashley Baxter Blake sees a letter on the fence at the Oklahoma City National Memorial she cannot keep herself from finding the writer and the person he intended it for.

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