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The refuge

The plot is rather predictable but the story is very compelling and well written and learning of the Shaker culture is enlightening.

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On a coastal breeze

Readers will love the way Fisher deals with a family in need of reconnecting and an improbable romance blossoming. There is also a touch of suspense which only adds to the mix.

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If I Were You

This story takes place in the 1940’s war torn England, and in 1950’s America. Audrey Clarkson is part of the English aristocracy while Eve Dawson works as her scullery maid. Eve’s mother is a lady’s maid for Audrey’s mother. While they enjoy a friendship as children, that changes as they grow into young women. Then the war comes and everything in both of their lives changes dramatically.  5 years after the war ends Audrey and Eve meet up again in America under very unusual circumstances.

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