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(Book Review) When You Pray, What Should You Say?

Do you ever wonder what you should say to God when you pray? God listens to all prayers, but sometimes it may seem difficult to find the words we want to say. When You Pray, What Should You Say? is a topical book on prayer.

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Daddy, Do Cowboys Pray?

(Book Review) Daddy, Do Cowboys Pray?

This is a sweet little book about a young boy who asks his father if cowboys pray. This question takes them on a trip to a ranch where Zeke spends some time with real cowboys and finds that yes, if they are Christians, cowboys definitely pray.

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Wasted Prayer

(Book Review) Wasted Prayer

Many people pray about what God has asked them to do. Darley encourages the reader to make prayer a starting point but then to start taking action to put feet to their prayers.

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