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An Uncommon Woman

Western Virginia in the 1770’s is not for the faint of heart. Tessa Swan who has been born and raised on
the frontier along with five brothers is a courageous and outspoken woman. Clay Taggert, raised by
Lenape Indians, takes command of a fort bearing his name after distinguishing himself in the Seven
Years’ War. He brings along Keturah, Tess’s childhood friend, who was an Indian captive like himself.
Tessa tries to reconnect with Keturah who has forgotten much of her childhood with her family before
being taken by the Indians.
Charged with keeping peace with the local tribes, Clay is trying to avoid any romantic involvement with
Tessa. When Tessa is captured by the Indians, Clay is determined to rescue her and the nature of their
relationship changes.

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Out of the Embers

This is the first book in the Mesquite Springs series. After her parents were killed, Evelyn Radcliffe grew up in an orphanage. Ten years later, the orphanage burns down and Evelyn and a young orphan girl, Polly, alone escape. Believing she is the intended victim of the fire, she and Polly escape to Mesquite Springs and Evelyn establishes a new identity.

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Return to the Valley

In each of these Amish romances, the main character questions whether God will bless her with her heart’s desire, a home and husband.

In Wilma’s wish, when her fiancé’s sister dies, he feels responsible to take in his five orphaned nephews. But they don’t take to Wilma at all. Is there a chance for their marriage or will Wilma and Israel have to give up their wedding plans?

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