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The 2% way: How a philosophy of small improvements took me to Oxford, the NFL and neurosurgery

At an early age, Myron Rolle learned a transforming philosophy that changed his life and continues to do so. The 2% way where in every endeavor a 2% increase is attempted and expected whether intellectually or athletically.

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What If Love Is the Point?

What If Love Is the Point discusses the harsh realities of the entertainment industry and how
through that pain, Carlos and Alexa found solace and love in each other and in God. It discusses
things ranging from their early life and the hardships of that to beginning a relationship to
starting their married life to finding Jesus through it all. The PenaVegas have had a rough life but
discovering the love Jesus has for them makes it all worth it.

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Shackled: One woman’s dramatic triumph over persecution, gender abuse, and a death sentence 

I do not believe readers can go away from this book unfazed by the strong testimony of Mariam Ibraheem and her determination to stay true to Christ in the most dire circumstances. 

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