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(Book review) The Sleepy Shepherd

This is the story of Silas, one of the shepherds on the hills near Bethlehem, and how he slept through the angels appearance (one can’t help but wonder how that was possible, but I digress…..) and so missed seeing the infant Messiah. However, years later, he was present in the Garden of Gethsemane, and realized this was the same person his fellow-shepherds told him about so long ago.

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A War Within: The Praetorian (A War Within #3)

Many of the story’s best scenes are still the battle sequences, but the interplay of emotions and intentions are what make this book truly engaging.

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Thief of Corinth

A young woman learns how to be a thief from her father. Family dynamics are convoluted. In some ways this book seems very contemporary. Healing is available.

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