(Book Review) My Amish Boyfriend By Melody Carlson

My Amish BoyfriendReviewed by: Ceil Carey

Ministry TItle: ECLA co-president

Church: Community Christian Church in Yorkville, Illinois


Title: My Amish Boyfriend

Author: Melody Carlson

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: 2014

Format: Book

Length: 265 pages


Shannon and her mother are going to Ohio to spend the summer with her mother’s family. The neighbor has it all arranged. Shannon has never even met these people! Imagine her surprise to find out they are Amish! Well, this simple life turns out to be a lot of hard work and complicated relationships. Shannon even considers becoming part of this culture but the most important consideration has to be getting her mother well again!
Fans of Carlson’s teen books will enjoy this story, a little different takeoff on Amish fiction and one that will appeal to teen girls, particularly. How would an English girl handle a hot young Amish guy? Would it make her consider changing her culture, even her total life?



3 out of 5 stars.

Suggested Audience

Teen girls as well as adults.

Christian Impact

The theme of family and its importance as well as faith is evident in this book although it is certainly not preachy.

Ceil Carey is a retired public library professional, Christian book club leader and Co-President of ECLA.

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