(Book Review) Biblical Portraits of Creation

Biblical Portraits of CreationReviewed by: Virginia Peterson, church librarian

Church: Spencerport Bible Church, near Rochester, N.Y.


Title: Biblical Portraits of Creation: Celebrating the Maker of Heaven and Earth

Author: Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. and Dorington G. Little

Publisher: Weaver Book Co.

Publication Date: October 2014

Format: Print & e-book

Length: 164 pages


Many books are written on the subject of Genesis and creation, but as Dr. Kaiser notes in the forward to this book, very few examine the teaching of the Bible in a broad fashion. This book is strictly about the Bible passages relating to creation, with no attempt to synthesize them with the findings of science. Of the twelve chapters, nine are written by Dr. Kaiser on Old Testament passages, and the remaining three by Rev. Little, a pastor in Massachusetts. Several chapters were adapted from sermons or talks, and each covers a particular creation passage. An appendix contains an article by Dr. Kaiser from 1969 on the literary genre of Genesis 1-11.

This is not a very long or deep book, but it is intended to be used, if desired, for a Bible study group, with study and discussion questions at the end of the chapters.  Each chapter follows the structure of: an introduction, the naming of a verse as a focal point, a homiletical keyword (such as “actions” or “work”, an interrogative question (what, when, how, etc.), a brief outline, and an exposition.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Teens and Adults

Christian Impact

This is a good introductory study on the topic of creation in the Bible, and avoids the controversial issues that arise when trying to deal with scientific topics at the same time.

Other Notes

One could wish for more in-depth discussion of many of the passages in the book, but as it was, there were a number of new insights given.

Virginia is a former homeschooling mother. Current activities include quilter, genealogist, and volunteer apologist for Reasons To Believe ministry.

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