(Book Review) To Everything a Season/A Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope
Everything a SeasonReviewed by: Ceil Carey, long time book discussion leader

Church: Community Christian Church, Yorkville, IL 60560


Title: To Everything a Season #1

A Harvest of Hope #2

Series: Song of Blessing Series

Author: Lauraine Snelling

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Publication Date:

To Everything a Season #1 10/21/14

A Harvest of Hope #2 3/3/15

Format: Print Book

Length: Each – 352 Pages


In the Song of Blessing series, the author returns to the Red River Valley of North Dakota as the setting for the romance of Trygve Knutson and nurse-in-training, Miriam Hastings.

In To Everything a Season, readers are given a great deal of background on the main characters as well as the large Bjorklund family who make up many of the book’s personalities. When Trygve Knutson, part of a construction crew in Blessing, meets Miriam Hastings his head is in the clouds and he can think of very little else. Miriam is determined to become an accredited nurse, hoping to be able to support her ailing mother and her siblings, all still in Chicago. An emergency sends her back to her family with her feelings very dichotomous. She has strong feelings for Trygve yet feels a great personal responsibility to take care of her family.

In A Harvest of Hope, Miriam attempts to meet the needs of her siblings yet is drawn back to Blessing time and again by the letters she receives from Trygve. He is building a house with hopes that Miriam will return and become his bride. Torn between Trygve’s love and her family’s needs, she doesn’t know which path to take.

In both books, beyond the main plot there are many interesting subplots that draw the reader close to the town of Blessing and its mostly lovable inhabitants. The Christian faith is strong in the Bjorklunds and their extended family. This is demonstrated often in their day-to-day lives in a way that is an inspiration to Christ followers today.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Teen and adult readers

Christian Impact

One strong theme of the author is trust in the Lord, trust for the future and for decisions that we make. But a sub theme might be taking care of others, having compassion, meeting needs of the community as these are shown so forcefully in this community of Blessing and particularly by the Bjorklund family.

Ceil Carey is a retired public library professional, Christian book club leader and Co-President of ECLA.

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