(Book Review) As Waters Gone By

As Waters Gone ByReviewed by: Nichole Parks, professional writing major at Taylor University


Title: As Waters Gone By

Author: Cynthia Ruchti

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Publication Date: May 5, 2015

Format: Paperback

Length: 308 Pages


Welcome to Madeline Island, home of… Well, Emmalyn Ross hopes it will be her home. After living untethered since her husband’s prison sentence, Emmalyn returns to the cottage they bought long ago. Perhaps restoring their old place will warm her heart toward Max’s pending release.
Ruchti draws readers into the throes of an enchanting island. With quirky characters to lighten the severity of Emmalyn’s situation and a comforting tone, the novel delivers a powerful message of hope and healing. It’s well-written inspiration regarding the stress of incarceration on a marriage and the healing of a family.
The tepid pace and bland heroine are the only downers to be found in this uplifting novel.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 out 5 stars

Suggested Audience


Christian Impact

Emmalyn and Max Ross come to lean on each other and God during an uncertain time in their marriage.

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2 Responses to “(Book Review) As Waters Gone By”

  1. That’s a shame that the heroine is a bit bland. Otherwise, it sounds like a really interesting book!


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