(Book Review) The Salt Covenants

Salt CovenantsReviewed by: Virginia Peterson, former church librarian in Rochester, N.Y.



Title: The Salt Covenants

Author: Sylvia Bambola

Publisher: Heritage Publishing House

Publication Date: January 14, 2015

Format: Print and ebook

Length: 345 Pages


A welcome change from prairie or Amish fiction, this historical fiction takes place during and after the time of Columbus’ discovery of the West Indies in 1492. Isabel is a wealthy merchant’s daughter from a “converso” family – Jews who under pressure from the Spanish Inquisition have converted (truly or not) to Christianity. Even so, they are still treated with suspicion, and to avoid the unwelcome attention of local officials, Isabel is married and sent off to Columbus’ colony at a young age.  Here she must live in much different circumstances, with only a couple other women for companionship, learning to provide for herself. When discontent and trouble arise among the settlers, she even fears for her life.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

teen to adult, historical fiction fans

Christian Impact

Isabel talks about having a “salt covenant” with God and with her husband – a scriptural concept I had not noticed before.

Other Notes

As good historical fiction should, this book teaches you in detail about a period of history that is usually only grasped in general terms. It also portrays the results of Columbus’ expeditions, which negatively affected both the settlers and the native population.

Virginia is a former homeschooling mother. Current activities include quilter, genealogist, and volunteer apologist for Reasons To Believe ministry.

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