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Title: Adam: You Are Descended from Adam! What about Adam?

Author: R. C. Besteder

Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: July 2013

Format: Paperback

Length: 224 Pages


In a thoughtful exposition that explores the life and behavior of the first man — Adam —
Dr. R. C. Besteder provides a well-structured exploration of the human from which we are all descended. While also wrestling with just what Adam’s life can mean for society and humans today, each chapter highlights a different aspect of Adam’s being in a short, easy-to-read span of about three to four pages. These small sections give the readers a quick snapshot of the topic at hand and how it may relate to today. Touching on many important and often controversial issues in today’s society — such as abortion, racism, and capital punishment — this book is not merely a study on the biblical character of Adam, but rather an application and a commentary layered onto the biblical facts.

Adam: You Are Descended from Adam! What about Adam? is rich with information that leaves the readers feeling as if they have just finished a seminar on Adam — yet perhaps without the mental exhaustion. Not only does Besteder masterfully paint Adam as a person of intrigue and bring the readers in, wishing to know more, he also expertly styles his explanations into short bursts of easily-comprehended knowledge. Never does the reader feel overwhelmed by biblical facts or analysis thereof. Applications such as these are scattered throughout the book and incredibly profound — however, in the short chapter style of the book, the connections often feel shallow and in need of fleshing out. Being a self-published book, it suffers from a lack of professional editing found in most traditionally-published texts.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Young Adult to Adult. While heavy in biblical study, the book is structured and written in a refreshingly easy-to-read way so that someone new to the faith, or someone of teenage years, could easily read it. However, the content of the book leans toward more seasoned Christians.

Christian Impact

Adam holds a tremendous treasure trove of information on Adam that many may not have known before. Drawing from all stages of the Bible –not just Genesis — Besteder has put together a comprehensive, straightforward and altogether complete look at Adam’s life, despite what little detail of the first man’s being it may appear there is. Any Christian — old and young alike — will finish the book to find that his or her view of Adam and creation itself has been expanded. The book starts the theological gears turning.

Sarah Gorman is a freshman professional writing major at Taylor University. She thoroughly loves immersing herself in reading as a way of improving her own writing.

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Adam: You Are Descended from Adam! What about Adam?

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