Introducing Christian Ethics

Reviewed by: Carson Jacobs, Professional Writing Major, Taylor University



TitleIntroducing Christian Ethics

Author: Scott B. Rae

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Print Book

Length: 192 pages


Introducing Christian Ethics is a small book, but not a light book. Physically, it weighs what a printed piece of work should, but the material covered within the confines of those pages is far heavier than the book itself. It is not something you casually pluck from the bookstore shelves and settle in by the fire with for hours of enjoyment. This text is meant for intellectual ponderings and for discovering virtuous ways to deal with ethical dilemmas. However, as the title suggests, it is merely an introduction and isn’t intended to be used as a finite tool.

The writing is well done and manages to remain clear and logical even when discussing deep philosophical ideas. It flows easily and doesn’t bog the reader with large, technical terms. The author begins roughly half of the chapters with an anecdote, making the book seem conversational rather than a series of lectures. He also ends each chapter with a couple of discussion questions aimed at helping the reader grasp the content, making this book a good text for study groups.

Overall, this is a helpful volume for those who wish to sit and learn of the many ethical dilemmas our world and culture face today. However, this book refrains from ambiguity in most cases and tries to provide the best answer possible for certain situations. Though this approach is appreciated, it has the potential to step on more than a few toes, especially when discussing topics such as abortion and sexual ethics. It is well written and will provide beneficial insights to those who genuinely wish to understand the world of Christian ethics.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Ages 14 and older

Christian Impact

Heavily influenced by Christian doctrine, or the author’s interpretation of it. The basis of the book relies on using the ethical code described throughout the Bible as a means of evaluating dilemmas and making right decisions. Others may come to different conclusions about biblical principles based on their own interpretations of the Bible, but this book does lend itself to what is widely considered a “Christian worldview.”


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Introducing Christian Ethics: A Short Guide to Making Moral Choices

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