When Shepherds Weep: Finding Tears of Joy for Wounded Pastors

Reviewed by: Carson Jacobs, a Professional Writing Major at Taylor University, Upland, IN



TitleWhen Shepherds Weep: Finding Tears of Joy for Wounded Pastors

Author: Glenn C. Daman

Publisher: Weaver Book Company

Publication Date: November 2, 2015

Format: Print Book

Length: 192 pages


 When Shepherds Weep is aimed at the pastoral community as it addresses the unique problems ministers face. The book is designed to help both pastors and their family members; however, the lessons and guidance and insights it presents are equally pertinent to missionaries, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, and all those who serve the church and at times feel overwhelmed, criticized, or unappreciated. The author discusses the distinctive feelings a pastor faces at times as a form of social outcast, and also when ministers feel they are unable to reach people in the way they so desire. In a nutshell, Daman attempts to call the inner problems of those working in ministry to the surface, and then to offer the best advice possible for coping with these circumstances. He also provides many a comforting word. The book doesn’t claim to be an instant fix for emotional and spiritual problems, but it does offer perspective, wisdom, counsel, and encouragement.  

            Unfortunately, the writing itself has a rather singsong sluggish cadence. Rather than being conversational in tone, it comes off more of a lecture or a guidance presentation. Whereas it has documented philosophy and theology, those elements become heady and weary, whereas some anecdotes, real life examples, and illustrations would have been more enlightening in many of the book’s discussions. It also needed much stronger editing, for there are some punctuation and grammatical errors in the text.

            Overall, this book has merit. Some of the issues brought up are fairly basic, whereas others are more relevant and hit closer to home. Unfortunately, even for the reader who wishes to collect what knowledge this book offers, the writing poses an obstacle. It’s dreary at times, even in its efforts to be empathetic to those in ministry.  


Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

Pastors, missionaries, anyone in a leadership position within ministry

Christian Impact

The book is specifically focused on the spiritual aspects of those called to full-time ministry. It speaks primarily to Christian pastors and the problems that plague them when their occupation becomes overwhelming.

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When Shepherds Weep: Finding Tears of Joy for Wounded Pastors

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