(Book Review) WOW! The Good News in Four Words

Reviewed by: Mary Clapp, former Church Librarian and Co-president of ECLA



Title: WOW! The Good News in Four Words

Author: Dandi Mackall

Illustrator: Annabel Tempest

Publisher: Tyndale Kids

Publication Date: : July, 2017

Format: Hardcover Book

Length: 32 pages


Dandi chooses four keywords the child can repeat (read along) one of which is found on each page. WOW: God created us and loves us; UH-OH: sin enters the world; YES: Jesus came to save us from our sins; AHH: peace and eternal life. This rhyming, fun to read story uses some complex language for an older child along with words easy enough for a toddler to understand, making the book a good choice for a broad age range. The illustrations are well done, interesting and will be easy to use to tell the story to a younger child with more limited vocabulary, and useful for making the book interactive. This book is a wonderful resource for sharing the gospel with children in a new, fun, and easy to understand approach.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars, highly recommend

Suggested Audience

Children birth to age 8

Christian Impact

The gospel is clearly, accurately, and simply shared in this book in a fun way, making it an excellent resource and highly recommended for church libraries, Sunday school teachers, parents, grandparents, and anyone who wants to share The Good News with a child.

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