Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story

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Title: Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story

Author: Steven Curtis Chapman with Ken Abraham


Publication Date: March 7, 2017


Length428 pages


This book is about a boy from Paducah, Kentucky who became one of the most successful and influential Christian singers of all time. Steven Curtis Chapman’s autobiography digs into his earliest memories. He was born as a “fix it” kid to “fix” his parents’ marriage. For the rest of his life, he felt his role was to fix everything by himself. Through this struggle, God got hold of his life by teaching him that He is the only One who can fix the “unfixable”.


Through the trials of his early life, marriage, adoption, career, and even a family death, Chapman wrestles with life’s toughest questions. His songwriting and singing careers are not what made him competent, as he thought. Chapman takes the toughest situations and turns to God to help him “fix” them. In his brokenness, God fixed him. Lessons drawn from this book include learning to lean on God in times of stress, developing spiritual trust, and dedicating one’s talents to service to the Lord. This is a story written with honesty, transparency, and openness.



Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Those who enjoy adult nonfiction and particularly biographies.

Christian Impact

Steven Curtis Chapman’s life and writings radiate Christ. In his book, he outlines how to deal with pain, heartbreak, joy and success through Christ. His impact in Christian music is huge, as his hundreds of songs and his dedication to preaching the Word of Jesus have played a part in leading thousands to God’s saving grace. This book is focused on Christ and how prevalent He was and is in the life of Chapman. Chapman doesn’t force Christ down the reader’s throat, he simply points out how impossible life is without Him.


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Between Heaven and the Real World

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