Jesus in the Court Room

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Title: Jesus in the Court Room

Author: John W. Mauck, JD

Publisher: Moody Publishers

Publication Date: 2017

Format: Print book

Length: 149 pages


Today, Christianity approaches the judicial system with strong skepticism. Following court cases such as Roe v. Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges, Christians often view the courts through clouded lenses. However, Mauck sets forth to illustrate the law’s importance in the Old and New Testaments, particularly through the example of Jesus as teacher of the law. Furthermore, Mauck uses modern examples of court cases and legal advances to demonstrate a proper use of the legal system: “to love both God and neighbor” (29). Along with this, Mauck offers advice for Christians who are challenged by lawfully gray areas, such as abortion and sexual identity.

As a seasoned attorney, Mauck presents an excellent case for the importance of the law and its partnership with Christianity today. His interpretations of Scripture, especially his explanations of the Law’s importance in the Old Testament, stand out as the strongest elements of the book. However, Mauck’s target audience remains a mystery. He seems to address Christian lawyers, but he often spins the narrative for the non-judiciary public. This far-reaching method fails because the legal terminology bogs down the unaccustomed reader. Furthermore, his pedantic writing style turns the book into a slightly laborious effort to read, even though it covers fewer than 200 pages.


Rating (1 to 5)

Rating: 3 stars

Suggested Audience

Christian lawyers

Christian Impact

Whether we enter a position in the law or not, as Christians, we enter morally gray territories every day. How we dialogue with non-Christians about our differing views plays a vital importance. Furthermore, those Christians who do pursue a judiciary occupation ought to exercise justice and mercy in the courts. Without turning to Jesus’ example, legal corruption will take place.

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Jesus in the Courtroom: How Believers Can Engage the Legal System for the Good of His World

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