Hope in the Land

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Title: Hope in the Land   

Author: Olivia Newport

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Paperback book

Length: 316 pages


     This novel is about coming to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others. Set in in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1936, the plot features an assorted cast of characters, ranging from Henry Edison, the city government worker, to Gloria Gabrill, the Amish housewife. The book explores what it means to be different, as witnessed from the perspective of  a young Amish daughter. It examines the value of hard work and humility in Minerva Swain, an English woman and housewife. It also examines what it means to get along with people from different beliefs and practices in the relationship between Gloria Gabrill and Minerva Swain. It is a well-researched character-driven novel that delivers no more and no less than what the story promises. The tone is homey and happy—the perfect book to read after a stressful day of work. This is not sophisticated literature, but it does offer a narrative that allows readers to relax, observe life at a slower pace, recall days gone by wherein folks worked at being Christian and neighborly, and consider how God’s grace is extended to all who seek him.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 stars

Suggested Audience

Most enjoyed by Christian women aged 35 and up.

Christian Impact

In a safe environment, Hope in the Land puts forth Christian living as a wholesome and daily mindset.


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Hope in the Land (Amish Turns of Time #4)

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