The Delusion: We All Have Our Demons

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Title: The Delusion: We All Have Our Demons

Author: Laura Gallier

PublisherTyndale House Publishing

Publication Date2017

Format: Print Book

Length: 350 Pages


Owen Edmonds is a normal high school senior…well, as normal as he can be after he was suddenly forced to move across the country. Masonville High, the school Owen will attend for his senior year, has provided him with the semblance of a regular high school experience. He has a beautiful girlfriend and great friends, and he is a star on the track team. The only issue is Masonville High is not an average, routine high school. Owen’s world gets completely flipped upside-down after taking a sip of water offered to him from a man at a well on abandoned land. When Owen began his senior year, his main concern had been college. Now, however, Owen must face the evil that is causing a suicide epidemic to rip through his school because he is the only person who can see its cause.

Readers must be warned: this book is extremely difficult to put down. Each chapter leaves readers wanting more and more as they perch themselves on the edge of their seat following Owen’s emotions. The Delusion carries its readers through darkness and renews their sense of hope. Owen wades alone into what is unseen and dangerous and becomes estranged from the life he once knew well.

This plot makes its readers question more than just their faith. A world changing perspective of human life (as well as the forces that drive it) is displayed throughout Gallier’s novel. As readers delve deeper into The Delusion, they are stuck pondering their own lives and the forces at work arounde them. Gallier meshes the genres of horror, science fiction, and Christian theology while taking readers on a ride of terror, suspense, love, and joy. This story brings life’s complex questions about redemption, belief, worship, trust, and spirituality out of the darkness and into broad daylight.The Delusion should be added to everyone’s “must read” list.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Ages 15 and up, a general Christian readership, and a general science fiction or horror readership

Christian Impact

This book sheds light specifically on why horrible things happen. Readers are compelled to evaluate their own lives and see what is weighing them down emotionally and spiritually, causing them to stray from God. An important theme to remember is we all have our demons. The Delusion shows God is the light at the end of the darkest night and that trusting in Him is the only way to drive those demons out.


Other Notes: Suggested audience is ages 15 and up because this book contains some violence and scary supernatural themes. This book focuses on coming of age questions and the identity struggle in young adults. However, it is entirely possible someone younger may benefit from this story as it deals with some of the greatest Christian doubt questions.

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The Delusion: We All Have Our Demons (The Delusion #1)

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