Talking about God: Honest Conversations about Spirituality

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Title: Talking about God: Honest Conversations about Spirituality

Author: Steve & Cheri Saccone

Publisher: NavPress

Publication Date: January 2018

Format: Print Book

Length: 212 pages


At this moment, within millions of coffee shops, homes, workplaces, and restaurants, there are conversations happening between friends. These conversations are a natural part of life and essential to all meaningful relationships. However, when conversations turn to efforts at conversion, many Christians start to squirm. Evangelism can be intimidating.

Enter husband and wife, Steve and Cheri Saccone. Their book, Talking about God, invites Christians to sit in on six difficult spiritual conversations they have experienced. The topics addressed in these conversations range from unbelief to questioning one’s sexuality, and each provides an honest look at navigating the sometimes slippery slope of spiritual discussions.

As a reader and believer, I often find myself at a loss for words when charged with hard questions about Christianity. In reading this text, I recognized I was not alone. The Saccones speak candidly about their feelings of unworthiness to take up such an important role as evangelism, but they also provide an invaluable example: they trust God to work through them and to fight for His truth.

At times, I identified myself on both sides of the table. I celebrated with the Saccones when a friend recognized the truth, but I also anguished with them as a friend fought against worldly vices. In a world ridden with sorrow and lies, the Saccones’s book is both timely and important. I believe all Christians have something to learn from its words.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

This book is targeted toward adult Christians looking to improve the way they engage with others through spiritual conversations.

Christian Impact

The Saccones’s example in speaking to nonbelievers exhibits profound respect for others with difficult beliefs and a sense of nurturing that all Christians could benefit from.

Other Notes:  This book includes discussion questions to guide readers as they process the conversations the authors present and how they might learn from them.

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Talking about God: Honest Conversations about Spirituality

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