Loving Luther

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Title: Loving Luther

Author: Allison Pittman

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Publication Date: September 2017

Format: Print book

Length: 400 pages


            Katharina von Bora is born for greatness, but she is only six when her destitute father drops her off at convent. She makes a tolerable life for herself there with little food and less warmth. She dreams of returning to her father, but when Katharina grows up, she realizes her dream will never come true. Seeing no other choice, she takes her vows to become a nun.

            Then she hears the voice of someone who stokes the fire in her heart to warmth again. The secret, smuggled words of a rebellious priest whisper into her heart and teach her to wonder how a life beyond the church would be.

            Finally, she makes contact with the priest, Martin Luther, and with his help she leads a group of rebellious nuns, who escape the convent in hope of a new life. Katharina meets Luther face to face and witnesses his charisma and kindness first hand.

            Luther helps all the nuns find their family and matches them with suitable husbands. Katharina is delighted too when he introduces her to an upper-class family who invite her into their beautiful homes in Wittenberg. She finally gets to live the privileged life she was feels she born into. Outside the church, Katharina is able to use her intelligence and wit, which she was forced to suppress while at the convent.

            After a disastrous love affair, Katharina discovers that she is in love with Luther. However, Luther has sworn himself to celibacy, being convinced that his troubled, dangerous life is no place for a woman. To win his heart, Katharina must break through Luther’s walls and show him that she can encourage and help him as he forges a new path for the Church.



Rating (1 to 5)

Rating: 4

Suggested Audience

Older teens and adults who enjoy historical romance will enjoy Katharina’s adventures

Christian Impact

From celibacy to romance, this book gives an unfamiliar perspective on the reformation hero and the founder of the modern church – Martin Luther. By telling his wife’s story, this book shows Martin Luther’s impact on the world. The book also addresses Katharina’s struggle with her place with God and His unfailing love.

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Loving Luther

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