Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions

Reviewed by: Hope Bolinger, a professional writing major at Taylor University.



Title: Sustainable Children’s Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions

Author: Mark DeVries and Annette Safstrom

Publisher: InterVarsity Press Books

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 234 pages


As it turns out, bubble machines can only do so much for a sustainable children’s ministry. With youth leaders becoming worn out and flustered at the endless to-do list tasks—collaborating the lesson with faulty video technology, organizing attendance spreadsheets, working around the schedules of other workers at the church—it becomes easy for every week to feel like mayhem, during which not much gets accomplished. Plus, with the consistent lack of volunteers for this area of ministry, those working with children in churches may lose hope and energy fast.

The authors tackle this problem by providing tangible and practical solutions. From trial and error in their personal experiences, they not only give a berth of relevant examples but also offer resources for any youth ministry, including several appendices ranging from the creation of value statements to establishing clear communication plans with weekly and monthly volunteers. The book deserves a five star rating for its hands-on practicality and playful, absorbing tone. Readers can tell just by the authors’ voices that they’ve worked extensively with parents and children in this area of ministry and have enjoyed doing so. There is much to be learned from them.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians working in children’s ministry

Christian Impact

As Christians rear the next generation of children who will proclaim the Gospel amongst the nations, children’s ministries must have strong foundations. A child or parent disillusioned with a Sunday school program could withdraw from the church, but a youngster who experiences a sustainable youth ministry might take the next big step of faith.


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Sustainable Children's Ministry: From Last-Minute Scrambling to Long-Term Solutions

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