In Search of the King

Reviewed by: Alyssa Roat, a professional writing major at Taylor University. 


Title: In Search of the King

Author: Thann Bennett

Publisher: Worthy Publishing

Publication Date: 2017

Format: print book

Length: 250 pages


     In this book, Bennett leads the reader through a series of chapters about knowing, finding, and serving Christ the King. In Part One, “Search for the King,” he explores who the King is. Part Two, “Discover the King,” discusses pursuing the King. Finally, Part Three, “Serve the King,” deals with how to serve Him.

The book emphasizes a need to know and serve God, speaking of basic principles about God’s love, Jesus’ atoning death, and service to others. The ideas are very simple, similar to a Sunday school primer for recent converts. Bennett recounts popular Bible stories and a few light personal experiences to illustrate biblical lessons.

Though the simplicity makes it easy to understand, the book also tends toward the bland.
Readers with general knowledge of the Bible or Christian theology probably will not learn anything new. This simplicity also seemingly spills over into the depth of research conducted on biblical passages, as, for example, an account of Jesus’ trial inaccurately represents Jewish legal capabilities under the Roman occupation, and a conversion story for Enoch is pulled from the text as fact with little supporting evidence.

This book does not offer original insights or theological depth, nor does it provide strong practical applications, but it is an easy-to-read, comfortable book that transports the reader back to the days of children’s church.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 stars

Suggested Audience

The writing assumes a Christian audience. It would probably be most beneficial to new Christians who know little about basic Bible stories.

Christian Impact

This book is perfect for an adult Christian who never went to Sunday school as a child and wishes to enjoy simple faith lessons.


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In Search of the King: Turning Your Desire for Meaning into the Discovery of God

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