Why I Hate Green Beans

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Title: Why I Hate Green Beans

Author: Lincee Ray

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: February 6, 2018

Format: Print Book

Length: 205 Pages


Life is filled with insecurities, and few people know that better than Lincee Ray. Using her personal home and career experiences, Ray crafts an uplifting book with a go-getter attitude that can’t help but encourage readers to embrace their insecurities and place their identity in the Lord. By reading Ray’s collection of heartfelt struggles and hilarious mishaps, readers will find a friend who is willing to take them by the hand and lead them closer to conquering their fears and seeming inadequacies.

     The book is divided into five sections, each part tackling its own unique insecurity. Part one discusses an insecurity close to many women’s hearts: beauty. The second section gives a fresh look on the often-overlooked insecurity of struggling for success in the workplace. But, the last three sections find Ray at her most vulnerable as she tackles the insecurities of heartbreak from a love lost, fulfilling the desire to mother despite an inability to have children, and being single when it seems like everyone else is getting their happily-ever-after.

Ray’s vulnerability is what makes these sections come off as honest and transparent and genuine. Exposing raw emotion is what separates this text from being a generic how-to handbook. Instead, it offers the embrace of an encouraging friend and the reminder of the love of our Savior. This collection of anecdotes will have the reader laughing, sniffling, and frequently saying, “Yes, that’s exactly what it feels like.”


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Women who are struggling with their identity in the world and their faith will love this book. Lincee examines many aspects of insecurity through a Christian lens, whether they are physically, emotionally, or career-related.

Christian Impact

Why I Hate Green Beans implements scripture and personal faith experiences to remind readers their identity is not in man, but in God. This is not a sermon, it is a testimony, one that shows how God always has a plan for his creation.


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Why I Hate Green Beans: And Other Confessions about Relationships, Reality TV, and How We See Ourselves

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