Babylon Revealed: Over 2,600 Years Ago Babylon Was Destroyed by God. Will It Happen Again?

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Title: Babylon Revealed: Over 2,600 Years Ago Babylon Was Destroyed by God. Will It Happen Again?

Author: Anthony Mattiello Jr.

Publisher: West Bow Press

Publication Date: 2018

Format: Print book

Length: 317 pages


Babylon exists now. Ever since Abraham fled the most ancient form of Babylon—post-Tower of Babel days—Satan has tried to use the archetype of wickedness, Babylon, to disrupt God’s plan for history. Through an analysis of prophetic passages, particularly in the book of Daniel, the author attempts to show how “Babylon” has operated throughout history and what “Babylon” will look like in the End Times.

The book earned a lower rating for a number of reasons. First, the work lacks a focus. It flips between being a history lesson, a series of End Times sermons, and Old Testament commentary rolled up into one. Also, much of the content is suspect. The author attempts to predict the nature of the last days, including potential dates, through an odd conglomeration of lunar activity and Hebrew holidays.

Furthermore, he uses material found in Maccabees as having equal weight with universally agreed canonical books such as Daniel and Jeremiah. He also makes several stretches in suspenseful disbelief when he tries to equate historical events and modern history with symbolism presented in Daniel. For instance, he claims the feet of clay and iron in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the statue represents the United Nations. However, the book did not receive the lowest score because the author does produce a few insights about the historical context of the Daniel and other Old Testament passages, albeit, very few and far between.


Rating (1 to 5)

2 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Christians interested in ancient Babylon or prophecy

Christian Impact

As Christians, we should be prepared for the end days. However, we must keep in mind no one knows the day Christ will return. Predictions of end times (and the nature of end times) have failed in the past and will not hold up now.


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Babylon Revealed: Over 2,600 Years Ago Babylon Was Destroyed by God. Will It Happen Again?

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